It's A Jungle Out Here is a song sung by Halley and the gang in Astroblast Go Wild.

Lyrics Edit

Halley: This place is different than our own backyard

Jet: I hope we haven't gone too far

Jade: We're somewheres new and we haven't a clue

Frogerina: I just saw that butterfly turn blue

Venus: This is a strange and mysterious place

Comet: With lost of yummy buggys for us to chase

Jet: We're walking and we don't know where

All: Woo-wee, it's a jungle out here!

Jade: This place is really neat

Comet: Lots of wormmys for us to eat

Halley: Lots of furry things everywhere you stare

Venus: Feels like I got some in my underwear

Halley: Monkeys swinging all around

Frogerina: I wonder if we're ever gonna get found

Jade: We're having lots of fun! Hey, look over there!

Radar: Poopy! Haha! Jungle! Hehehe!

Comet: Great big snake hangin' from a tree

Jet: I hopes that it don't eat up me

Frogerina: That green lizard's lookin' me in the eye

I sure am glad that I'm not that fly

Venus: Prettiful birdies singing a song, tweet tweet!

Jet: I hope we don't stay here for long

Halley: We've gots a job to do and we're heading up there

All: Look sharp! It's a jungle out here!

We've gots a job to do and we're heading up there! 

Woo-wee! It's a jungle out here!!