Radar, Don't Give Up is the First episode of Season 1 of The Astroblast Fanon series.

Summary Edit

The gang put on a play about the Wizard of Oz, and Radar's Part is the Lion. But he gets stage fright. His friends tell him to not give up. Will Radar's friends help Radar to not get stage fright?

Plot Edit

The Gang are reading books, then Comet rushes in and tells everyone that The Space Station is putting on a play called The Wizard of Oz. Everyone except Radar cheers in excitement. Halley asks Radar what's the matter and why hasn't he cheered with them, but Radar tells her that he never been in a play before and he was nervous. But Halley said she'll always be there for him and someone to look at. This makes Radar a little happy and the 2 share a hug.

Just then Comet pulls names out of a top hat on who's who? Sputnik picks first and she gets Dorothy. She cheers an excitement and winks at Comet while he blushes. Then Halley picks, she gets the Nice Witch. Halley says "Awesome!" Then Jet picks, he gets the Tin Man. Sal is the Evil Witch, Comet is The Scarecrow. Then Radar slowly reaches into the hat. He gets the Lion. Everyone was happy at their parts.

Then the gang practice, Sputnik introduces herself


Trivia Edit

  • The play the gang were doing is a reference to the Movie The Wizard of Oz.
  • This is the first episode of the Astroblast Fanon series.
  • Radar's love for Halley was shown at the end of the episode where Halley gave him a kiss for trying his best and did a fantastic job.

Goofs Edit

  • When Sal is reading his book at the beginning, He is seen wearing reading glasses, but after Comet rushes in the room, His glasses are gone.
  • In one scene, Sputnik appears to be wearing red shoes instead of her white shoes.