Sputnik is caught playing in Matt's home office, and it's a huge mess! Sputnik is making paper dolls out of fax machine paper and the fax machine is broken and the printer is jammed with printer paper and there's graffiti on the walls. Sputnik tries to apologize and promise that she will never do it again, but Matt is so furious that he declines her apology this time, and he tells her that she's in big trouble now. Sputnik tries to sweet-talk her way out of trouble, but Matt doesn't listen, and he sends her to her room before Matt

goes to the living room and tellLillian thatat he has finally disciplineSputnikca. NoSputnikca is furious herself and throwing a massive tantrum inside her room, because it isn't fair that she got punished. When she calms down slightlySputnik decideses to run away, thinking that her parents will be sorry that they ever punished her. Packing the "essentials Sputnik sneaksks out of the house, without her parents looking or knowing whilMattew is cleaning up his home office anLilliante is on a phone call, and drives off in her electric toy car.

Sputnik drives to Halley's house and hides in the backyard. When the babies discover her behind the bushes, she explains she ran away and demands they don't tell any of the grownups where she is. When they agree, she says she feels hungry and asks for cookies. The babies leave and soon return to Sputnik with armfuls of cookies. Sputnik scarfs them down like a wild animal and asks if Olivia made them. When Halley says no, Sputnik asks where they came from, then. Halley says from the box with the picture of a dog on it. Sputnik spits out the last mouthful and shouts that they gave her cookie-shaped dog biscuits. Comet and Venus

don't understand what the problem is, because they eat them all the time. Sputnik sends them off for real cookies, potato chips and pork grinds.

Back at the other Vivian's residence, Matt tells Lillian that he's glad Sputnik is taking her punishment quietly and maturely (unaware that Sputnik has ran away). Because of this, he says he's going to go to Olivia and Matthew's to spend some time with them for a while. Lillian goes to Sputnik's room to check on her, but she gets distracted by another phone call.

In Halley's backyard, Sputnik is eating all the junk food the babies brought out. They want her to share, but Sputnik refuses and tells them to go eat the dog biscuits they like so much. Comet explains that they can't because she ate them all.

Moments later rain starts to fall, so the babies go back inside, but Sputnik doesn't want to go inside, because she doesn't want the grown ups to see her while running away. Sputnik doesn't want to sit out in the rain so she kicks Bruce out of his dog house and moves in with all her stuff. Sputnik watches Gilligan's Island on the portable TV she brought along, but it goes out suddenly.

With nothing to watch, she looks towards the house and sees Matt at the kitchen table with Olivia and Matthew. Sputnik moves closer to find out what they're talking about. Matt says it's nice to get away from the responsibilities of parenting. Matt is, of course, referring to getting out of his own house for a few hours, but Sputnik thinks he means he's happy she ran away as she has realized what she has done.

Before their conversation in the kitchen can continue on, Sputnik bursts into the kitchen in tears with spitoon sound and apologizing for being bad and running away. Matt is surprised and confused to see her there, but is glad that she learned her lesson. This time, he accepts her apology, and says that he loves her, no matter what she does before Matt can borrow Olivia and Matthew's fax machine so he can call Lillian again. The babies overhear, thinking that Sputnik has changed. Outside, the rain has stopped and Bruce is back in his dog house, watching the portable TV that's come back on.

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  • In this episode, Sputnik's favorite show is Gilligan's island.