Silent Sputnik is a Season 6 episode of Astroblast.

Characters PresentEdit

  • Matthew
  • Halley
  • Radar
  • Matt
  • Lillian
  • Sputnik
  • Jet
  • Comet
  • Venus


"When Lillian is busy working on a hostile takeover, she tells Sputnik that if she is quiet for a few hours, she will buy her a present (The new Cynthia Dream House!) Can Sputnik go without saying a word even when the other babies come over to play?" - Description from Sprout.


It's Saturday morning at Matt and Lillian's house, although Sputnik gets upset when her dad puts her cereal into her Dummi Bears bowl rather than her Cynthia bowl. She complains about it to her mom, but Lillian's trying to make an important business deal for her company. Lillian tells Sputnik that if she stays quiet until she's done working, she'll get Sputnik a new Cynthia toy. Sputnik does just that, and goes to the kitchen where her dad, who's been talking on the phone to his younger brother, Matthew, and pours herself a bowl of cereal. Matt gets off the phone and tells her that the other kids are going to come over to their house. Sputnik's obviously annoyed by that, but remembers the deal she made with her mom, and decides to deal with it.

Matthew comes over with his two kids, Jet, and the twins, and when Halley, Jet, Comet and Venus say hi to Sputnik, Jet accidentally steps on and breaks one of Sputnik's Cynthia toys (in this case a toy plane). Sputnik's obviously angry, but she doesn't yell at Jet like she normally would've. The babies don't get why Sputnik isn't talking, and eventually think that she can't breath (after she was trying to indicate to them to be quiet). The babies take Sputnik to her dad, where he and Matthew are fighting over the TV-remote and are arguing about whether to watch a golf tournament (Matt) or a football game (Matthew). Matt asks Sputnik to watch the babies, and promises that he'll get her a Cynthia toy if she does. Sputnik's excited about getting two new Cynthia toys, and takes the babies back to her bedroom and makes them draw.

Sputnik starts fantasizing about her new Cynthia toys, but then the fantasy's interrupted by the babies, who're now dancing with each other and being really loud. She unplugs the record player, but the babies are upset that she did that. Lillian calls for Sputnik, and reminds her daughter of their deal. Sputnik and the babies go back to Sputnik's bedroom, and she tries to tell them (without actually talking) of the deal she made with her parents, and the babies think that she's playing a game. The doorbell starts ringing and her dad calls for her. Sputnik goes to her dad, but he thinks that one of the babies is making the noise. She tries getting her dad to answer the door, but he reminds her of the deal they made. Sputnik goes to the door, and sees that it's a delivery man. Sputnik tries getting the clipboard from him, but he needs one of her parents to sign it. The delivery man thinks she's doing mime tricks (when she's trying to tell him about her parents), but she takes the package he brought from him just as the phone starts ringing and her parents ask her to answer it.

The person on the phone is Lillian's lawyer, who tells her to look at the package before she says yes to the business deal that she was trying to make earlier. Sputnik takes the phone and the package to her mom, but she's just said yes to Mr. Yamaguchi, the head of the other company. Sputnik sadly takes the package and the phone and puts them in a potted plant and goes back to her room, where the babies are playing with her stuff and are being really loud. Sputnik's getting closer to her breaking point, and when she's finally pushed to the limit, she yells out the truth to the babies so abusively.

Sputnik's parents come in to see what's going on, and see what's happened. They tell Sputnik that she's not going to be getting either of the new Cynthia toys they promised her. Matt and Lillian are surprised with each other that they bribed Sputnik with new Cynthia toys so she'd be good. In the end, the babies think Sputnik was just trying to get some attention, and watch Sputnik's parents congratulate her on her "emotional sensitivity," but they tell her she's still not getting the two new Cynthia toys, much to Sputnik's dismay.


  • When the babies are dancing and laughing in one scene, the music from Astroblast: Scavenger Hunt is played on the record player.
  • The price for the Cynthia Luxury Townhouse and the Cynthia Sports Car are $79.99 each, that's $159.98 in total if Matt and Lillian bought Sputnik both.