Angelica for a Day is a Season 5 episode of Astroblast.

Characters PresentEdit

  • Halley
  • Jet
  • Sputnik
  • Matthew
  • Matt


Jet switches shoes with Sputnik and takes her on personality. Meanwhile, when Sputnik puts on Jet's shoes, she takes on his. - Description from Sprout.


It starts at the park, where Halley and Jet are building a sandacstle, Sputnik is playing with Cynthia's dollhouse in the sand, and a moody little girl complains to her father that she wants pickles and ice cream now. Matt remarks that he would not want to be in the man's shoes. Halley asks Sputnik why her daddy doesn't like the other guy's shoes and she claims that when you put another persons' shoes on, you become just like them. She claims that Matt doesn't want to be like the "mean" daddy who won't give his daughter ice cream. A jogger runs past and Halley says that if she put on the jogger's shoes, she would want to run all over the place. Jet sees an elderly woman feeding the pigeons and comments that if he put on her shoes he would want all his friends to be birds.

Then Sputnik gloats that she will play on the "best" part of the park; a hill she calls "Big Kid Mountain" as only three year olds and up can play there. Timmy and Kim (from The Word Of The Day) and a few other kids are running, skipping and rolling on the hill. Halley wants to play there, too, but Jet does not as Sputnik said they were too little, but Halley points out that she is an unreliable scource of information as she had told them they would float to the moon unless they put sand in their pockets, which was not true. Jet takes the sand out of his pockets and follows Halley. Halley is eager, but not Jet, he is scared of the hill and wants to make mud houses instead.

He wants to put off climbing the "mountain" for the next day or never. Sputnik says that if Jet was braver, Halley would have a "funner" time. Halley now wants to make very good mud houses with mud, sticks and grass. Jet starts to get grass, but a duo of older, intimidating-seeming boys (who both look about three) asks what he's doing. Jet explains what he is doing, but the older kid and his friend claim that they own the grass, so Jet has to leave. Jet nervously apologises to "Mr. Big Kid" and "Sir" as he calls them, puts the grass back and backs away. Halley asks if something is wrong and Jet replies no, he was just walking away as the grass belonged to the other two children. Halley claims the grass belongs to everybody, and Jet says "Sort of but it belongs more to them than to you and me."

Halley says Jet can't be scared all the time. Matthew then puts the kids into their pushchairs for a nap and Matt dismisses Sputnik to the sandbox. Jet apologises for being so scared and falls asleep, while Halley ponders Sputnik's shoes and what she'd said about shoes. She then falls asleep and starts to dream. In the dream, Matthew wakes him up, taking him out of his chair, and Halley declares to Dream-Jet that they will climb Big Kid Mountain. Dream-Jet says no, but Halley thinks he should be brave and wear Sputnik's shoes to be like her, so he puts the shoes on Jet, who claims she will get exremely mad at them, but Halley says that being like Sputnik makes him not scared of her. Once the shoes are on, Halley asks if he feels mean, but Jet says he does not. Halley thinks he should tie the laces, but Jet angrily says that he doesn't know who will tie them, as babies cannot tie shoes. Halley thinks that this anger is Sputnik-like. So they agree to play on Big Kid Mountain. They climb the hill. However Jet is a bit grumpy and accuses Halley of being a scaredy baby and that it was no big deal climbing a mountain. Sputnik (that is Dream Sputnik) climbs the hill with Jet's shoes in a bad mood and wanting her shoes back. Angry, Jet bullies Sputnik, claiming the shoes as his own. Sputnik chases Jet to step on a thistle and put his shoes on. Then she becomes friendlier, but also a bit nervy. She then invites Halley to play peek-a-boo. This makes her ask her if she is feeling funny. Sputnik replies no, but thank you for asking. Halley wants to find the right shoes, but Sputnik says that she's lonely, so they both go to find Jet. Jet, meanwhile, threatens the sand box kids that a sandworm may eat them if they play there, then exhibits dominance over the box. Halley says that what her friend did was mean, but Jet wants her to go away. Halley wants the shoes back, but Jet refuses. Sputnik exhibits fear about the sandworms. Meanwhile Jet has made himself king of Big Kid Mountain and demands cookies. Halley is playing in the mud and invites Jet in, knowing that you can take off your shoes in the mud, saying that some people are too scared to play in the mud. Jet starts to take Sputnik's shoes off but the two boys from before show up, causing Sputnik to freak out. The kids want Jet to get off their grass. He puts mud on them. The boy in the cap cries. Jet refuses to take the shoes off, but he runs and falls over, knocking the shoes off.

Then Halley falls into the mud, waking up. She tells Jet about the bad dream. Sputnik yells at Halley for standing on Cynthia's house and Halley hugs her.


  • Most people class "big kids" at around eight to twelve, but these kids classified "big kids" as being three or older. This is justified in that Sputnik is the oldest baby (except maybe for Frogerina) and thinks of herself as more "grown up" than them.
  • It is unknown if "Big Kid Mountain" is an official name or if Sputnik named it.
  • This episode is based off "Dead Man's Shoes" from The Twilight Zone.